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     Welcome to the online home of Bellefonte EMS.  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has evolved over the past 50 years from a day of ‘ambulance drivers’ with minimal medical training to the highly skilled healthcare professionals of today that are able to perform many basic and advanced medical assessment and treatments prior to your arrival at the hospital emergency department.  Our organization and dedicated personnel are constantly working to improve our education, skills, and equipment in order to provide quality emergency medical services to the communities that we serve.

     I invite you to explore this site and believe that your knowledge of EMS will be enhanced.

S. Scott Rhoat  NREMT-P
Executive Director/Chief

Tip of the Season – “If We Can’t Find You–We Can’t Help You”

Please be sure that your house number is placed in a highly visible location, near the front door, on the outside of your home.  Bellefonte EMS Chief S. Rhoat recently stated, “All too frequently our ambulance crews are unable to locate the address of an emergency because the home does not have reflective, visible street numbers where the responding emergency vehicles can easily see them; wasting precious moments.”  If your home sits back from the roadway, place the house number on both sides of the mailbox if it sits in front of your home; if the mailbox is grouped with others then place the house numbers on both sides of a sign or pole at the end of your driveway. 


2014 Ambulance Subscriptions

The annual subscription applications were mailed to each household in our primary ambulance response area on Wednesday November 27, 2013.  If you do not receive one, please contact our office so that one can be mailed to you.  Ambulance subscriptions are effective for the 2014 calendar year.









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